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Goalkeeper Training

Program Overview

Looking forward to a great season! Goalkeepers at CVU are held to a professional standard. We need our goalkeepers to act and feel like professionals. Yes, our youngest players are just 9-10 years old. However, as you know, keepers must have a different mindset than field players. We dive at feet of players. Expose our body to collect crosses. We are the last line of defense. So, there is no one else to save us if we make a mistake (unlike every other position on the field). That's why we train at a high level!

- Coach Dominik Jakubek


Upcoming Goalkeeper Camps


Dates: Monday, June 25th - Thursday, June 28th
Time: 9:00am - 11:30am (early drop off available at 8:30am for free)
Location: Foothill High School - Grass Fields
Cost: CVU players - $115, CVYSL rec players - $130

Runs concurrently with the Field Player Summer Camp. Each daily session will end with a small sided game. 

Camp is open to all CVU and CVYSL registered players aged 9-18 years old. 

The Registration "Goalkeeper Training" is not currently available.